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Oneness Sound / Deeksha Through Music

onenessound people and friends barcelona

Healing music vibrations that invites you to meditate and connect with the divine presence. [ read + ]

Oneness Sound

Is a project that was born from the union of: Pedro Collares, Ravi Ramoneda and Núria Aguiar. Music for the awakening of consciousness. A combination of strength and sweetness that will guide you in a journey deep in to your heart in a space were stillness is the real essence. Indian tablas, hang, guitar and other instruments blend into soft singing voices of ancient chants from India and other cultures. With the complement of atmospheric electronic elements this music creates a space of peace that invites you to meditate and celebrate life. Oneness Sound is charged with a profound feeling of love and good vibrations for the body, mind and spirit.

Music for anyone that wants to feel...

not ... the heart vibrating in love into real experience of oneness. They have performed in numerous yoga and meditation centers, festivals for the new consciousness, and for grate spiritual masters like: Amma, Kali Bhagavan, Anandaguiri and so on.

In countries like:

Brazil, Spain, Argentina, France, Germany  They can even be seen in Barcelona were they transmit those vibrations and people having an grate response.

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Concerts & Events

Barcelona Yoga Conference

Kirtan workshop with Onenesound at BYC 2012 Barcelona Yoga Conference, 5-9 July 2012 Welcome to the 2nd edition of the BYC, an event where people of all ageswith or with out yoga experience can find inspiration. A team well knowned teachers from the five continents gather to share their personal vision of yoga. Checkout the Program with up to 100 activities.

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  • Date: 2012-07-08
  • Time: 13:45
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